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Ethan S. Smith is a professional Writer/Director/Producer/Actor currently living and working in the Los Angeles area. Born with severe OCD, Ethan struggled maintaining a normal life until he hit rock bottom at the age of 32. After seeking intensive inpatient and outpatient therapy for close to two years, both in South Florida (NBI) and Boston (OCDI McLean), Ethan's remarkable journey has led him to discover himself for the first time and lead a proactive happy and healthy adult life. Ethan moved to Los Angeles shortly after his ten months in Boston and has found incredible success, both personally and professionally.

It’s time for the #OCDvocate Holiday Messages of Hope!

Holiday Message of Hope

I remember my time in residential treatment. It happened to be over the holidays. As difficult as OCD treatment can be, it’s that much harder going through it away from family and friends. Away from the familiarity of your own home during a time when togetherness feels necessary. Despite a treatment team and counselors, I… Read more »

An #OCDvocate Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving. It’s a day to be grateful. To give thanks for what you have, the people in your life that make a difference, and the freedoms we all share. But when your mental illness has a tight hold of you, it’s so hard to see what you should be grateful for. It’s easier to see… Read more »

3 Reasons To Be Boston Bound This Summer

Ethan Smith and Jeff Szymanski, PhD

It’s about that time again! The International OCD Foundation’s Annual OCD Conference is upon us in less than a month and this year, it’s in the IOCDF’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. This can only mean one thing…LOTS OF CLAM CHOWDER!!! Research has shown that consuming delicious clam chowder has absolutely no effect on OCD. However,… Read more »