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As 2020 OCD Awareness Week concludes, we leave you with a message regarding advocacy.

What is advocacy? It is defined as ‘public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.’ Many individuals in the OCD community believe that to be an advocate, they have to publicly share their story about OCD in a large forum, including opening up about personal details. However, OCD Awareness Week is designed… Read more »

Una conversación con Dr. Carlos Rivera Villegas

Hola amigos!  Me llamo Linda Carolina Olmos y soy la autora de OCDBilingue o TOC Bilingüe, un blog para hispanohablantes enfocado en  psicoeducación sobre Trastorno Obsesivo Compulsivo.  La semana pasada, tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar al Dr. Rivera, un experto de TOC! Pienso que esta charla es importante porque puede ayudar a gente con TOC… Read more »

Is seeing believing?

by Dr. James Claiborn People with BDD struggle with what they see when they look at themselves. They often report seeing aspects of their appearance that are distorted, deformed or perhaps just ugly. What any of us see when we look at anything is the product of perceptual processing. Understanding what is involved in perceptual… Read more »

Make peace, not love

by Dr. Ryan Kaplan Often when people with BDD first come to see me for treatment, they describe their struggles with their appearance and how they hate what they see when they look in the mirror. They talk about feelings of disgust, anxiety, and shame about their appearance, and a deep desire to one day… Read more »

Body dysmorphic disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

by Roberto Olivardia, PhD Although not yet recognized in the scientific literature, the relationship between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is worthy of attention. As a specialist in treating patients with BDD, as well as an ADHD expert, I have observed how ADHD can have a negative impact on body image…. Read more »

Open Mic Night: Submit your talent by 7/17!

We’re excited to announce that the Online OCD Conference will feature our first-ever Open Mic Night, sponsored by Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle! This pre-recorded event will feature talent from all across the OCD and related disorders community.  If you have a special talent you’d like to showcase, whether you dance, play an instrument,… Read more »