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Why you should support our Pediatric Campaign 4 Hope

Kids at the Annual OCD Conference

Children with OCD experience so many barriers, whether it be in finding treatment, having qualified profession to treat the symptoms, educational attainment and issues in school, or just fitting in. The IOCDF aims to address these issues through the Pediatric Campaign 4 Hope, which will underwrite the cost of programs and special events including the… Read more »

Announcing 2019 IOCDF Research Grants

At the IOCDF, everything we do is built upon research. It informs our programming, the recommendations we give to patients and families, and the information we distribute to the public. We have seen the incredible strides that members of our community have made with the help of treatments that were discovered and tested through scientific… Read more »

Spotlight: OCD News and Research Updates

Spotlight is our monthly email series that gives our readers regular updates on OCD and related disorders research and news. Enjoy reading the August edition here on our blog, and if you would like to get the September update in your inbox, please click here! Making Headlines A roundup of recent stories from journalists, advocates,… Read more »

Advocacy Reaching New Heights with the IOCDF Ambassador Program

By Ethan S. Smith, IOCDF National Ambassador The 25th Annual OCD Conference in Washington D.C. was an amazing event with a record-breaking 1,977 attendees from 19 countries! This Conference, more so than others, proved especially emotional for me in the best way possible. Beyond being deeply touched by so many of you, by your bravery… Read more »

You Are Not Alone – Morgan Rondinelli

You’re Not Alone…so let me write to you Something I remember distinctly from when I was first diagnosed with OCD was that I felt relieved my symptoms had a name, but I also felt incredibly alone. I didn’t know anyone else in the world who had these weird, obsessive thoughts and did these repetitive rituals;… Read more »

Download the #OCDcon Mobile App Today!

The free 25th Annual OCD Conference mobile app is now available for download! Download today to have all of the important Conference information and updates at your fingertips! With the Conference mobile app you can: Stay organized with up-to-the-minute schedule information for events, workshops, presentations, and support groups Access a full list of Conference exhibitors… Read more »