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Ro Vitale is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Argentina who suffers from severe OCD. Not long after her diagnosis she decided to go public with her struggles in a major magazine. The article made a huge impact (more than 40,000 hits), marking the beginning of an intense advocacy journey. She has since been featured on several TV shows, magazines (including the Spanish version of Newsweek), newspapers, and radio shows. Ro decided to combine both her musical career with her advocacy work, marking the importance of dis-identifying from the symptoms: she shows herself as an artist and a writer that happens to suffer from severe OCD. This differentiation is key to accurate communication, since one of her goals is to encourage people to rebuild confidence in their uniqueness (while battling the disorder through therapy). Ro is in the process of writing a book titled “TOCada” and creating a short film titled “A Little Taste of Freedom” to capture the process of OCD treatment. She was the keynote speaker of the Spanish Program at the 2014 Annual OCD Conference in Los Angeles, where she stole the show with her honesty and openness. Ro wrote the song "My Inspiration" especially for the 21st Annual OCD Conference, and is donating all of the proceeds from song sales to the International OCD Foundation.