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Why I’m An Advocate: Epifania Gallina

Meet IOCDF advocate Epifania Gallina! Epifania shares the reasons why she became an advocate below. Learn more about our advocate program. As someone with lived OCD experience, Epifania is interested in using her advocacy to raise awareness about stigma and mental health—advocating for both herself and the entire OCD community. Through the right therapy, Epifania was… Read more »

Why We Walk: The Wieczorek Family

Walk with members of the OCD community across the nation this June and October at a One Million Steps for OCD Walk – including the flagship event in Boston, MA on Saturday, June 11. Find a walk happening near you and register today! Join the International OCD Foundation and its official Affiliates in June and… Read more »

Why I’m An Advocate: Valerie Andrews

Meet IOCDF Lead Advocate Valerie Andrews! Following her OCD diagnosis in 2011, Valerie began her advocate journey in hopes of bringing awareness and inclusion within her own community and within communities of faith — promoting change along the way. Today, Valerie spends her time focusing on her nonprofit (msmablesparrows, Inc) for women of age, color,… Read more »

Why We Walk: The Donnelly Family

Get ready to walk with members of the OCD Community across the nation this June and October at the One Million Steps for OCD event near you – including the International OCD Foundation’s flagship event on Saturday, June 11, in Boston. Find a walk and register today to begin embracing uncertainty, one step at a… Read more »

Five Travel Tips When Traveling with OCD: Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean OCD is too.

From the perspective of someone with lived experience with OCD and related disorders. Traveling can be really stressful for anyone. Things like figuring out directions, going through airport security, and forgetting things at home can all be normal stressors that people feel when going on a trip. When someone is struggling with OCD, it can… Read more »

Why I Became an Advocate: Kimberley Quinlan

Meet IOCDF Advocate Kimberley Quinlan! Kimberley shares the reasons why she became an IOCDF Advocate in the video below. Learn more about our advocate program. “While I was training to be a therapist I immediately found and was intrigued by how harsh people with OCD are on themselves —how poorly they can treat themselves, how… Read more »

The Intersection of Faith & OCD: A Conversation with Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC

On Monday, May 9th, the International OCD Foundation will host our second annual Faith & OCD Conference! Faith leaders, mental health professionals, and the OCD Community will come together to talk about the impact of scrupulosity, how to recognize when someone is struggling, and ways to support those in the faith community living with OCD…. Read more »