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Toni is an editor and writer. She has worked with international charities in Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Becoming My Own Friend

By Michelle I have struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trichotillomania, and post-traumatic stress disorder since I was a child. As a child, I was bullied in school, abused at home, and had friends that made fun of me behind my back. I always felt so painfully alone. At the age of 5, I was… Read more »

My OCD Snowball

By Kyle Cunningham My life took a drastic turn during my freshman year of college. Instead of enjoying what should have been the best time of my life, I spent the year struggling with obsessive thoughts and compulsions. I had never encountered such thoughts before. I believed that everything I was touching was contaminated with… Read more »

Battling OCD as a Father

By Matt Townsend My male role models have been my father and father-in-law, as well as my friends and coworkers. However, despite these good role models, I could never find a mold which fit me. On the outside, I appear to have it all together. I am an all-American father and husband, who is the… Read more »

OCD Ocean

By Lauren Thompson Dunton I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in the third grade. For me, it began simply enough: I couldn’t step on the grout between the tiles, and as I emerged from the bathtub, I needed to have both feet simultaneously on the floor (which is actually quite dangerous). It snowballed… Read more »

Moments of Clarity

This story is part of our blog series called “Stories from the OCD Community.”  Stories from the community are submitted and edited by Toni Palombi. If you are interested in sharing your story you can view submission details at I have lived with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for 20 years. I started to experience symptoms… Read more »