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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate OCD Awareness Week Online

OCD Awareness Week, taking place October 11-17, 2015, is an excellent opportunity for members of the OCD and related disorders community to join together and raise awareness about the disorder — whether you are attending one of many IOCDF affiliates, institutional members, and global partners events around the world (click here to see calendar) or… Read more »

Countdown to #OCDweek: Advocacy and OCD Awareness Week

Today’s blog is part 3 in our weekly countdown to #OCDweek! IOCDF Spokesperson Jeff Bell joins us today to explain why advocacy was so important to his own recovery, and how you can take part in raising awareness for OCD during upcoming #OCDweek. Ralph Waldo Emerson may have said it best: “It is one of the… Read more »

Video: View the Powerful Keynote Address by Clint & Joanie Malarchuk

We were honored to have Clint Malarchuk and his wife, Joanie Malarchuk, as keynote speakers at the 2015 Annual OCD Conference in Boston last month. Their talk was a powerful testament to the importance of family and a strong support network. But also a powerful reminder about how many obstacles people often have to go… Read more »

Today’s #OCDchat Plus a Special Newsletter Preview: Medication for Treatment Resistant OCD

In advance of today’s #OCDchat with Dr. Wayne Goodman, who will be answering your questions about OCD medication, we wanted to give a special preview to Dr. Goodman’s article in the newest issue of the OCD Newsletter.  The OCD Newsletter is a quarterly publication featuring research news, articles from the Therapy Community, and featuring essays… Read more »

Today’s #OCDchat: OCD Research Update

Join us at 12 noon Eastern for today’s #OCDchat! We will be joined by Dr. Jon Abramowitz, editor of the Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, to talk about the latest in OCD research! Join the conversation, and ask Dr. Abramowitz your questions about research into OCD’s cause and the latest treatments. About the Panelists: Jon Abramowitz,… Read more »

Today’s #OCDchat: Q & A for Teens and Young Adults with OCD

Every year, we hear from teens and young adults at our Annual OCD Conference, what a life-changing event the conference is — and not necessarily because of the sessions or talks — but because of the friendships, bonds, and camaraderie formed among our young attendees, who so rarely get to make connections with other teens… Read more »