Winter 2004 – Vol 18, Num 1

IN THIS ISSUE: The Neurobiology and Medication Treatment of Compulsive Hoarding by Sanjaya Saxena, MD How I Treat OCD: Shape Your Way Out of OCD by Paul R. Munford, PhD How I Treat OCD: Dr. Gorbis’ Intensive OCD Method Uses Self-Analytical Writing by Eda Gorbis, PhD, MFCC Research Digest: Childhood OCD and Tic Disorder How… Read more »

Spring 2004 – Vol 18, Num 2

IN THIS ISSUE: Rethinking the Unthinkable by Steven Phillipson, PhD How I Treat OCD: Treatment Themes by Stephen C. Josephson, PhD Research Digest How We Treat OCD: Family Culture Matters by Lee Fitzgibbons, PhD and Gordon Street, PhD My OCD Notebook: Loving Someone With OCD by Karen J. Landsman, PhD, Kathy Parrish, MA, and Cherry… Read more »

Spring 2004 – Vol 18, Num 3

IN THIS ISSUE: Outpatient Treatment for OCD: Flexibility is a Virtue by Jonathan Abramowitz, PhD, ABPP Book Review: Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding by Fugen Neziroglu, PhD, Jerome Bubrick, PhD, and Jose Yaryura-Tobias, MD; Reviewed by Renae M. Reinardy, PsyD An Interview with the New President Research Digest The Important of the Treatment Community by Throstur Bjorgvinsson,… Read more »

Summer 2004 – Vol 18, Num 4

IN THIS ISSUE: Uncertainty, Incompletion, Serotonin, and OCD: How Do Medications Affect OCD? by William A Hewlett, PhD, MD Thinking Bad Thoughts by Deborah Osgood-Hynes, PsyD How I Treat Scrupulosity and Religious Obsessions by C. Alec Pollard, PhD Research Digest Killer Thoughts: Treating Violent Obsessions by Fred Penzel, PhD My OCD Notebook – The Cruelest… Read more »

Fall 2004 – Vol 18, Num 5

IN THIS ISSUE: Q&A on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OCD Collaborative OCD Treatment Includes Outside Coaches by Matt G. Kushner, PhD, Christopher Donahue, PhD, Jon E.Grant, MD, Kyle A Williams, BS, James S McCabe, BA, and Suck Won Kim, MD Externalization as a Therapeutic Tool in Treating BDD by Eda Gorbis, PhD,… Read more »

Late Fall 2004 – Vol 18, Num 6

IN THIS ISSUE: SSRIs For OCD In Children by Marco Grados, MD, MPH and Connie Hoe, BA Treatment of Pediatric OCD: Recently Completed and OnGoing Research by Phoebe Moore, PhD, and Jon March, MD, PHD Health Anxiety and Hypochondriasis: Diagnosis and Treatment of These Serious and Debilitating Illnesses by John Hart, LCPC, Throstur Bjorgoinsson, PhD,… Read more »