Antioch Group

Specialty Outpatient Clinic
6615 N. Big Hollow Rd.
Peoria, Illinois 61615


Bill Blundell, MA, LCPC, and Donna Wasson, MA, LCPC work together as part of a larger clinic – the Antioch Group. However, in 2013 we began working toward developing a specialty clinic devoted to OCD and related disorders within this larger clinic. However, these clinicians have been working with OCD patients for several years. 10-30% of our clients have OCD and/or a related disorder.

The core treatment components are CBT focused (cognitive therapy and exposure therapy).

We offer individual, couples and family therapy along with medication options when indicated.

We work closely with a local OCD support group to assist those in the community. We are actively considering expanding our services to include group therapy and extended Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) opportunities.

As a Christian counseling practice, we prioritize honoring a patient’s belief system while at the same time providing evidenced based treatment. Within the treatment of OCD, the Antioch

Group helps clients to work differently within their belief system while being sensitive to their faith. As a result, we have all taken a particular interest in the treatment of scrupulosity and feel that this is one of our strengths as a team.

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IOCDF Professional Members at this clinic:

  • Timothy Chu, LCSW
  • Jonna Tyler, LCPC