Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Ann Arbor

Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Laura Lokers, Amy Plavnick
Contact Name: Colleen Thompson
2610 W Liberty St
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
Phone: 734-368-9691

The Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Ann Arbor was founded in 2014. We are an outpatient clinic that specializes in the evidence based treatment of OCD and other anxiety disorders. We currently have 15 licensed therapists on staff, all of which specialize in ERP. We also have one psychiatrist for medication management. In addition to 1-2 time a week outpatient therapy, we offer a variety of psychoeducation groups for anyone interested and intensive outpatient therapy for our already established clients. As part of our dedication to providing evidence based care for OCD and related disorders, we second as a training clinic for clinicians who are interested in specializing in this area.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • Dylan Broggio, LMSW
  • Kiley Hierl, PhD
  • Debra Levine, PhD
  • Lisa O’Donnell, PhD
  • Gim Toh, PhD
  • Kendall Gaspari
  • Christina LaRosa
  • Amy Plavnick, LMSW
  • Larson Sholander PhD, LLP
  • Fred Upton, PhD, LP
  • Laura Lokers, LMSW
  • JoAnne Shipman, LMSW
  • Sara Greschuk, LMSW
  • Katherine Tucker, LMSW
  • Emily Fisher, LMSW