Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute of Living

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: David Tolin, PhD
Contact Name: David Tolin, PhD
200 Retreat Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106

The Anxiety Disorders Center (ADC) has been serving clients with Anxiety Disorders since 2000. In addition to the Director of the Anxiety Disorders Center, David Tolin, PhD, all of our psychologists have advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy and specialized training in anxiety disorders and OC spectrum disorders. In addition to PhD level psychologists, the Anxiety Disorders Center is staffed by full time Post-Doctoral Fellows. Services are also rendered by psychology interns, psychiatry residents, and graduate student from the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford. In addition to our Intensive Programs, the Anxiety Disorders Center offers weekly individual and group cognitive behavior therapy through our clinic. We also run numerous research studies on the nature and treatment of Anxiety Disorders. We encourage individuals to call the Anxiety Disorders Center to inquire about our various programs to find the best fit. Of note, the Intensive Program is self pay only; however, we do offer a lower rate for clients that complete this program with our Post-Doctoral Fellows.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic: