Behavioral Wellness Clinic

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: Monnica Williams, PhD
Contact Name: Jasmine Fairfax
6-D Ledgebrook Dr
Mansfield Center, Connecticut 06250


We are committed to providing effective, evidence-based, cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD and related obsessive compulsive disorders such as hoarding disorder, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), exorciation, and trichotillomania. Clinical Director Monnica Williams, PhD, is nationally renowned for her OCD research, especially on under-studied and poorly understood topics such as sexual orientation OCD and presentation of OCD in African Americans. All of our therapists are trained in exposure and ritual prevention therapy (ERP) and participate in weekly supervision or trainings. Our therapists are also trained in treatment for mood and trauma disorders.

Our clinic provides specialized treatment devoted to OCD spectrum disorders. If an individual presents with an obsessive compulsive disorder, their treatment will focus on that rather than being given talk-therapy or generic coping skills training. However, anxiety, depression, and trauma issues also affect many people with OCD spectrum disorders. Often, individuals with OCD spectrum disorders will have a dual-diagnosis of another disorder. Our clinicians are prepared to recognize these issues and tailor the treatment plan to your specific symptoms.

Diversity Statement:

Our clinic is dedicated to providing culturally-competent services. A key facet of our work with clients is to fully understand the cultural, social, and spiritual issues that shape the whole person. Prior to working with any cultural group, the therapists should possess a basic level of cultural knowledge and sensitivity, through formal education or prior meaningful experiences with members of the client’s cultural group. Cultural understanding is essential to prevent misattribution of symptoms to stereotypes about the client’s race or culture.

Clinical director Dr. Monnica Williams has extensive experience with cultural competency. She previously worked as the Director of the Center for Mental Health Disparities at the University of Louisville. She is a media expert, and maintains a blog on Psychology Today called Culturally Speaking. She works with organizations and business to improve the racial climate. She also lectures and conducts workshops at scientific conferences, including workshops to improve cultural competence. Dr. Williams trains all of the therapists at the Louisville OCD Clinic so they can effectively and ethically treat culturally and ethnically diverse populations.

At the Behavioral Wellness Clinic, we work with a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) called race-based stress and trauma. This lesser known occurrence of PTSD is often not recognized as a serious disorder, and many individuals suffer without getting help. Anyone suffering as a result of such experiences can contact us to schedule an in-person evaluation or phone consultation for treatment. We also do psychological evaluations to assess the impact of the effects of racism in the workplace.

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