Child Anxiety Center

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Nathan Fite, PhD
Contact Name: Jonathan Hoehn
4555 Lake Forest Drive
Suite 650
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


The Child Anxiety Center specializes in offering intensive treatment of OCD using the best in evidence-based treatments and technologies in behavioral health, including exposure and response prevention and medication management. We provide a multidisciplinary client-centered model that prioritizes transparency. We’re routinely measuring how well our interventions are working so we can make treatment adaptations in real time. We call it measurement-based care. We’re sharing those data with parents in an easily digestible manner, so that we stay accountable and transparent in our treatment decisions. We are continually adopting treatment innovations such virtual reality, smartwear, and biofeedback to enhance outcomes.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations that many mental health service providers have neglected. That means doing things like providing more accessibility and crisis management, meaning that your child can seek and receive help when it’s needed and parents can have the relief of knowing they can access real-time coaching with only a mobile device. Also, as dually licensed school psychologists who are experts in special education law, we help parents obtain school-based services and navigate the red tape of 504’s and IEPs. The Child Anxiety Center is ready to help you and your child achieve the best possible outcome.

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