Sage Anxiety Treatment Program

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: Robin Taylor Kirk, LMFT
Contact Name: Courtney Harrison
601 University Avenue
Suite 225
Sacramento, California 95825


Sage Intensive Outpatient Program opened in 2011 with the first intensive program to seamlessly integrate two evidence-based treatments: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (“ACT”) and Exposure and Response Prevention (“ERP”). ACT Integrated Exposure provides a means to work with and experience anxiety in a new way which makes the process of ERP much more approachable. Sage has an early dropout rate of approximately 8% compared to the early dropout rate for ERP of approximately 30%. Also, since we teach clients a process for experiencing anxiety, it can be utilized any time anxiety is triggered and does away with the need to become desensitized to each item on a hierarchy.

ACT is an important addition to exposure because it provides training in mindfulness (returning one’s attention to the present moment and experiencing it fully), the ability to disconnect from unhelpful trains of thought and to live a life that is full of meaning and vitality.

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