Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center at White Plains Hospital

Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Fredric Neuman, MD
Contact Name: Judy Chessa, LMSW
White Plains Hospital
41 East Post Road
White Plains, New York 10601


The Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center at White Plains Hospital was established in 1971 as the first treatment center for anxiety disorders in the country. The Center offers programs for all anxiety disorders, including OCD.

A six-session OCD workshop is conducted in a supportive group setting and focuses on education and exposure/response prevention. The education component provides factual information about OCD and lays out the rationale for the use of exposure/response prevention and cognitive restructuring as effective treatments for OCD.

The exposure/response prevention component takes place in individual work sessions where the participant is teamed with an experienced counselor. Together the participant and counselor face situations that trigger obsessive thinking, devise strategies to prevent compulsive behavior and challenge distorted thinking. These individual work sessions are the unique strength of our program. Work sessions take place where the OCD sufferer actually encounters his/her worst fear, be it at home, in the work place, malls, hospitals, etc.

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IOCDF Professional Members at this clinic:

  • Fredric Neuman, MD
  • Judy Lake Chessa, MSW
  • Elizabeth Ward, MSW