University of Pennsylvania OCD Clinic: The Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: Edna B. Foa, PhD
Contact Name: Dr. Thea Gallagher
3535 Market Street
6th Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104


The Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety was started in 1979. All therapists are trained at the clinic by senior personnel. There are several tiers of therapists to accommodate the needs of our clients, including licensed therapists with advanced degrees, unlicensed therapists with advanced degrees, and advanced practicum doctoral students.

It is important to emphasize that our program is an outpatient program. Our setting is not suitable for persons who require residential care. We do not have emergency or walk-in service. Summer and winter breaks are often highly sought after times for intensive treatment so we recommend that people reserve their slots early to secure those times.

Click here to download full clinic description (PDF).

IOCDF Professional Members at this clinic:

  • Elna Yadin, PhD