Each year, scholarship recipients tell us what a life-changing experience the Conference is:

“No words can describe how amazing this experience was. After suffering alone for about fourteen years, I finally got to participate in support groups, to connect with other OCD sufferers, and to talk to the most elite experts in the field. I was living my dream, and every day there felt like a miracle. Thank you for your ongoing support.” – Yulia, Conference Scholarship Fund Recipient

If you have been lucky enough to attend the Annual OCD Conference yourself, or you have a family member or friend who has attended, you understand what an amazing experience it can be for someone affected by OCD or a related disorder.

In an effort to make the Conference as accessible as possible, the International OCD Foundation offers a scholarship program to individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend.

Please consider donating to the Conference Scholarship Fund today, so that more individuals like Yulia can experience the benefits of the Annual OCD Conference.

The Inspiration Behind the Conference Scholarship Fund

“Riley believed that the conference was a place where someone suffering with OCD or a related disorder could go and meet others who would understand the struggle of what daily life could be like living with OCD. Riley felt he was at a place where he could share his journey with others in the hope that they too could be inspired”.  – Margaret Sisson, Mother of Riley Sisson.

The creation of the Conference Scholarship Fund was inspired by the stories of Riley Sisson & Frances Sydney. Click below to learn more about their stories.

Frances Sydney: A Founding Member of the IOCDF

Riley Sisson: An Energetic Advocate for the OCD Community

Donate to the Conference Scholarship Fund today!

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