Donna Astor-Lazarus, LCSW

Social Worker
98 Tamarack Circle
Skillman, New Jersey 08558

Narrative of Services:

At any time one-third to one-half of my client roster consists of OCD and OCD spectrum cases. Over the course of my practice I have treated well over 100 individuals with OCD and/or OC Related Disorders.

I frequently treat people suffering from OCD who also are facing the challenges of depression; bipolar disorder; ADHD; PTSD; panic and other anxiety disorders; as well as a variety of interpersonal difficulties including relationship conflict, anger management, and the need for assertiveness training. The primary orientation I use is Multimodal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a problem focused and action oriented approach that, among other things, involves corrective thinking and corrective action to bring about desired emotional shifts.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

I am very fortunate to be the daughter-in-law and student of the man who coined the term “behavior therapy,” and who was one of the originators of CBT. I have also learned from many of his equally influential colleagues and peers, most of whom are affiliated with Rutgers University and The University of Pennsylvania. In addition, I have had extensive post-licensure training in treating OCD spectrum disorders at the Lazarus Institute for CBT, as well as a variety of workshops and seminars including Multimodal Therapy, Mindfulness, ACT, EMDR level II, and DBT. I am also a licensed yoga instructor.

Diversity Statement:

Central New Jersey is rich in cultural, religious, gender and sexual orientation diversity. Hence, my practice consists of a wide array of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and orientations.

My licensure requires that I receive training in cultural diversity no less than every two years. In addition, as mentioned above, my practices location ensures that I have consistent and ongoing opportunities to provide services to a diverse clientele.