Karen Bagwell, MA, NCC, LPC

12002 Warfield Street
Suite 208
San Antonio, Texas 78216

Narrative of Services:

My treatment protocol includes all aspects of the person- mind, body, & spirit, in order to empower you to gain understanding, face your fears, and gain skills that will enable you to live a life not hijacked by the devastating effects of OCD. I employ Exposure Response Prevention, explore unresolved issues, examine your lifestyle to minimize stress and support physical wellness, and, as a Christian counselor, utilize Scripture for mind renewal.

Training Description:

Hello! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a person who lives with obsessive compulsive disorder. My experiences with OCD led me to pursue a degree in psychology and counseling in order to help others with this disorder. My experiences along with my training give me a unique insight into the treatment of OCD. I would like to assist you in your recovery process.