Gordon G. Ball, PhD

25 Central Park West, Suite 1-I
New York, New York 10023

Narrative of Services:

I have been a Licensed Psychologist in New York State since 1976 and have been in private practice in New York City since 1975. I have concentrated on patients with OCD ever since the beginning of my practice. I use graded Exposure and Response Prevention exclusively, concentratiing especially on the behavioral procedures as I find them, in general, to be more effective than cognitive interventions. In the course of my 33 years of practice, I estimate that I have treated about 1500 patients, with the vast majority showing considerable improvement.

Training Description:

Present position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, NY. Director, Behavior Therapy Program, Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, NY 1983-2000. Director, Behavior Therapy Unit, New York Hospital, NY 1978-1983. Postdoctoral training at the Institute of Behavior Therapy, 1973-1975, Assistant Professor, Rockefeller University, 1966-1975. PhD in Psychology from Stanford University, 1963. Involved in numerous workshops sponsored by New York Hospital and the Institute of Behavior Therapy, 1976-2000.