Sara Banks, MSW, LCSW

Social Worker
445 Jackson Ave #103
Naperville, Illinois 60540

Narrative of Services:

I service individuals and couples struggling with mental health issues as well as life stressors. My practice is primarily focused on anxiety and mood disorders with a passion for OCD based on my professional and personal experience growing up with family members with OCD. I have a deep appreciation for the exponential impact that OCD has on a person’s life including their loved ones and as such I am committed to assisting others to be free of the hold OCD has on peoples’ lives.

Training Description:

In 2006 I joined the Canadian Mental Health Association. I worked with groups and individuals suffering with severe mental illness, including OCD. I worked with comorbid OCD and PTSD as well as eating disorders. I currently work at Linden Oaks Hospital in the Anxiety program. Linden Oaks has the Gold Seal of Approval and Disease-Specific Certification for commitment to excellence in anxiety care. Linden Oaks is the first healthcare organization in the country to receive such recognition. While at Linden Oaks I have continued to work with individuals with significant OCD symptoms including contamination based OCD and scrupulosity.