Barry C. Barrmann, PhD


Co-Executive Director: Center for Anxiety & Chronic Worry

937 Tahoe Blvd
Suite 210
Incline Village, Nevada 89451

Narrative of Services:

As the Co-Executive Director of the Center for Anxiety & Chronic Worry, and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California & Nevada, I treat ONLY individuals with a diagnosis of a specific Anxiety Disorder; primarily OCD. Our out-patient Clinics are located in Westlake Village, CA., and Incline Village (Lake Tahoe), NV ( My primary treatment strategies include Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Exposure/Response Prevention. Individual and group sessions are offered, as well as intensive (6 hours/day) weekend sessions. Clinic, community, and home sessions (depending on geographic location) are made available. Treatment protocols are short-term (8-12 sessions), and skills based in nature.

Training Description:

BA in Psychology: Ohio State University, 1976; MA in Clinical Psychology: University of the Pacific, 1979; PhD in Clinical Psychology (emphasis on the treatment of Anxiety Disorders): University of California, Santa Barbara, 1982. Graduate of the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI). For the past 28 years, my research and clinical work has focused solely on the assessment & treatment of Anxiety Disorders, particularly OCD. I am a Professor of Psychology at the California Lutheran University, teaching coursework on Anxiety Disorders. I currently serve as Lead Researcher concerning studies directed at creating innovative Exposure exercises for the treatment of OCD.