William "Bill" Blundell, MA, LCPC

7617 North Villa Wood Lane
Peoria, Illinois 61614

Narrative of Services:

I am in a private practice setting seeing roughly 35 clients per week. At this time, I see a small percentage of clients with OCD and would like to increase that greatly. I work with clients of all ages and issues, but keep my main focus on OCD and other anxiety disorders. I just recently started at my current private practice but eventually will offer an OCD group to the community.

Training Description:

I completed the BTTI in June 2011 and since then have been treating clients, both pediatric and adult, with OCD. I have attended two of the IOCDF’s Annual OCD Conferences and was able to lead a support group at the Conference in Los Angeles in 2014. I do my best to stay on the cutting edge of OCD treatment and keep clients informed.