Avrom S Brown, D.O

261 Old York Road, Suite 534
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046
Phone: 2159132402

Narrative of Services:

OCD and related disorders have been a part of my practice since 1975. The number of patients has varied from year to year. My CV is available upon request.

Training Description:

Physician since 1975. Scope of Practice includes but not limited to Functional and Integrative Medicine, Medication-Assisted Treatment For Opioid Use Disorder, Opioid Free Pain Management, Disability Medicine, Research Medicine, PADOH Authorized Medical Marijuana Certifying Physician and Primary Care Consultations. My CV is available upon request.
My education, background and experience in evaluating and treating patients includes persons from any and all ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. My goal is to help patients navigate towards better health for themselves or their loved ones. I am sensitive to gender issues, women’s health issues and the needs of children. I have four children (PsyD, PsyD, MD, JD) and six grandchildren. I treat all my patients like I treat my family.
Since 1975, I have traveled the world. I have observed healthcare as provided on multiple continents. I am known for being an empathetic physician who is a good listener. I am a cashed based clinician and so I allow between 60-120 minutes for each patient visit to do a complete unhurried evaluation in order to formulate the most complete diagnosis and treatment program.