Matthew Brown

3307 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Phone: 7733123858

Narrative of Services:

While Dr. Brown does treat otehr anxiety disorders, developmental disorders adn attention, about 70% of his practice is devoted to helping clients struggling with OCD.
He does use traditional prescription medications, but compliments this with OTC supplement regimens that work synergisticly with medicine to provide greater relief with less medications, less side effects and improved outcomes. He is the only psychiatrist in Illinois currently that provides medication assisted psychotherapy – an approach that is to be used along with traditional ERP therapy whose aim is to reveal the “why” behind OCD symptoms.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): No

Training Description:

During fellowship training at the University of Chicago Dr. Brown was able to learn from some of the country’s foremost researchers of OCD in children. Here he learned about efficacious non-pharmacological approaches that when combined with traditional medications greatly enhance the effectiveness of treatment. Dr. Brown helped to open Roger’s Behavioral Health PHP program in Skokie, IL and was a physician leader there for 3 years. Dr. Brown combines what he learned in these institutions with his own therapeutic style aimed to compliment and work in conjunction with ERP for improved insight and lasting success in his clients.