Wayne Brunell, MD

872 Massachusetts Ave.
Suite 1-4
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Narrative of Services:

I have an extensive history of treating patients with OCD and I really enjoy this work. I have a solo private practice where I do behavior therapy and medication management. I encourage involvement of family, friends, and significant others if it's okay with my patient.

Training Description:

I worked at the MGH OCD Clinic (Harvard) for 4 1/2 years. I was accomplished in behavior therapy prior to working there and learned even more from my colleagues while there. During my time at the MGH OCD Clinic, I furthered my knowledge of medication treatment by contact with my colleagues. I've been treating patients with OCD since 1988. Over the years, I've read books and hundreds of scientific journal articles about OCD and related disorders. I know and have learned from many of the national and international experts in the field and have attended the scientific meeting of the American Psychiatric Association every year since 1984 where I have attended many symposia and poster sessions about OCD and related topics.