Alexander Bystritsky, MD, PhD

Psychiatrist, Psychologist

Professor Emeritus, UCLA; President ABCanxiety

10850 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1270
Los Angeles, California 90024

Narrative of Services:

I and my colleagues provide a wide range of services including CBT and ABC transdiagnostic circuit-based therapy. We collaborate with several OCD IOP programs. We provide individual therapy based on ABC and ERP. We also participate in several clinical trials including medications, brain assessments using Advanced MRI Tools for targeting of rTMS, microbiome assessment, Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Pulse thalamic, and amygdala inhibition for Anxiety and OCD. We collaborate with several other institutes for this research. We provide DrTMS (FDA approved) for OCD and Stop Smoking.

I am a big believer in transdiagnostic psychaitry. To me, disorders ecpecially treatment resistant ones always overlap and one person may meet criteria for several disorders.
This is confirmed by the the large population-based surveys such as NCS.
I do not believe that diagnosis determines the treatment – the interaction between symptoms and coping with them determines the treatment. Treatment-resistant clients need to be treated with multimodal approach that includes biopsychosocial interventions. Family and work/career training needs to be included and blended with symptom treatment. I have trained many psychiatrist and psychologists at UCLA to use this approach

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I have been treating OCD since 1985 beginning with the first Anafranil trial. I have been the director of the UCLA Anxiety Disorders Program and OCD program since 1987. Now both programs are run by my former students. I organized the first PHP and IOP program for OCD in this country. I was also the director of the UCLA program for Targeted brain Stimulation including rTMS and DBS. I participated in the OCD/DRTMS study by Brainsway that lead to FDA approval. I am the inventor of the LIFUP device that is currenly is being tested for the OCD treatment.

I have been educated in Russia (Pavlov’s Institute) and NYU (research and residency in psychiatry) and UCLA as RWJ Clinical Scholar. I have an MD and Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology and Clinical Psychiatry. I have been trained/worked in neurochemistry, behavioral science, pharmacology, neuroimaging, and brain stimulation. I also have been trained and conducted research in CBT. I published over 250 articles, chapters, abstracts, etc. I have been the PI or co-PI on over 100 clinical trials and research projects. I have several inventions and patents. Some of the projects were conducted in collaboration with LA County clinics or in primary care.