Navin Dargani MD, MPH

1115 Broadway
Suite 1217
New York, New York 10010
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

The focus of my practice is OCD and OC-related disorders, for whom I use a combination of medication and/or EXRP. Being trained in both modalities, I am able to offer both services myself, a model that I find many patients appreciate. Majority of my practice is comprised of patients with OCD or OC-related disorders.

Training Description:

I have 6 years experience treating OCD, beginning in my residency at The Zucker Hillside Hospital where I received specialized training in both psychopharmacology and CBT for OCD. I received further training in EX/RP at the University of Pennsylvania. OCD and related disorders have been the focus of my private practice, which I began in January 2016.

Diversity Statement:

I currently serve as medical director of Lexington Mental Health Services, NYC’s largest mental health provider for the Deaf community. In that role, I oversee a staff of therapists as well as personally see patients, and provide culturally sensitive treatment modalities that are compatible with Deaf culture.