Dave M. Davis, MD, FAPA, FABFP


Medical Director

Piedmont Psychiatric Clinic
1938 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 505
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Narrative of Services:

I am the Medical Director of Piedmont Psychiatric Clinic, located on the campus of Piedmont Medical Center. This clinic serves patients (adults, adolescents, and children) with all types of psychiatric disorders, and we receive many referrals of OCD patients, as I have been something of a leader and advocate for OCD patients in this area. This is a private psychiatric clinic associated with Piedmont Medical Center, so we are available to treat all types of patients. We are also associated with Shepherd Center (where people with head and spinal injuries are treated). We are interested in patients who have more than one disorder (such as Schizophrenia and OCD) and OC Spectrum disorders. We do not provide any type of inpatient treatment, so we occasionally make referrals to McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA, or to the OCD treatment program at Gravely Hospital at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Training Description:

My very first patient, on the first day of my residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That was in 1965 , and at that time there was no good treatment, whatsoever, for OCD. I developed a special interest in this disorder, and followed many patients for a number of years, providing what insufficient treatment was then available. During the 1970's, I was reading a non-American medical journal when I came across an article about treating OCD with a medication not available in the United States, clomipramine (Anafranil). I urged one of my patients to fly to Germany (where this medication was available) and get a prescription. She stated, "Me! Get on a plane! Never!". I had attended undergraduate school for one and one-half years in Germany, and decided to go and see for myself. I flew to Germany and met a friendly psychiatric colleague, who, graciously, gave me a prescription for 1000 tablets. I brought these back to the United States and began distributing them to my patients with OCD. The first patient had a miraculous response, and I began to push for this medication to be approved by the FDA as an "orphan drug". We were eventually successful and, of course, since that time I have followed the development of new available treatments for OCD through conferences, reading, and seminars, particularly at the American Psychiatric Association meetings. Currently, I supervise a number of therapists at our clinic who treat patients with OCD and I, myself, also treat many such patients, with medication and/ or ERP/behavioral therapy/CBT, as well as many patients with OC Spectrum disorders.