Kevin J. Drab, MA, MEd

418 Stump Road
Suite 208
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania 18936

Narrative of Services:

Generally around 30% of my clients are working on primarily OCD problems, while others are dealing with some variations of anxiety expressed as obsessions and/or compulsions. My emphasis is working with symptoms rather than a diagnosis, as individuals vary far too much in the nature of their difficulties, and the resources they may already have to take a “one type of method fits all” approach. I consider motivation to be critical in making progress with these problems and will typically spend considerable time as both your therapist and coach to help you stay with whatever tasks we’ve decided to undertake.

Training Description:

I have received training in a variety of therapies and techniques from various well-known experts for treating OCD problems, including Exposure Ritual Prevention (ERP), mindfulness, hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral approaches, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). Much of my time is spent studying the latest research and thinking in the field of OCD treatment. I have found that support (including involving the family and people close to you) is crucial to resolving the problem, while using whichever therapeutic methods work best for you. As an expert in psychopharmacology I might suggest some meds which may be of help.