Nancy Ebb LCSW-C

Social Worker
4405 E West Hwy Ste 501
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 3015381624
Narrative of Services:

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

Ms. Ebb is a licensed clinical social worker who has been practicing since 2001. Before opening her own office, she served for many years as Director of Aspire Counseling, a non-profit mental health therapy group.

Ms. Ebb has worked with OCD clients since 2001. She attended the IOCDF’s Behavior Therapy Training Institute and took additional OCD training courses through the Massachusetts General Psychiatry Academy. Between one-quarter and one-third of her practice is for OCD disorders; about half is for anxiety disorders best treated through cognitive therapy, and behavioral therapy such as exposure and response prevention, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.