Amy Funkenstein, MD

83 Leonard Street
Belmont, Massachusetts 02468

Narrative of Services:

I offer family based approaches to all treatment. I believe the best way to help an individual is to create a knowledgeable support network around them and impart them with the skills and resources necessary to help any given patient’s journey towards wellness. I use multiple modalities including exposure with response prevention, habit reversal therapy, family therapy and psychodynamic therapy where appropriate. I also use medications as a way to improve symptoms so patients are better able to focus on the therapeutic work.

I also treat depression, adjustment disorders, other anxiety disorders such as panic disorder and I do parent guidance.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I completed my residency at Cambridge Health Alliace, Harvard Medical School and my child psychiatry fellowship at Rhode Island Hospital, Brown Medical School. Since that time, I have worked at the OCD intensive treatment program at Bradley hospital in Rhode Island and see outpatients with OCD and other anxiety disorders.