John F. Gottlieb, MD

25 E. Washington St.
Suite 1805
Chicago, Illinois 60602

Training Description:

OCD is one of three main treatment areas in which I specialize. Obsessive compulsive disorders account for approximately 20 to 25% of my caseload at any given point in time. I have treated people with this disorder for approximately 20 years. I utilize CBT, ERP, medication, and traditional dynamic psychotherapy, the latter not for symptom relief but for the psychological needs which so many of those afflicted with this condition have. In addition to the training I received in my psychiatric residency, I have received post-graduate supervision from the psychologist directors of the Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center in Illinois, who are also board members of the OC Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. My special expertise in this area is the ability to bring to bear distinct and complementary treatment interventions to those with OCD.