Glori Gray, PsyD

6060 Piedmont Row Drive South, Suite 120
Charlotte, North Carolina 28287

Narrative of Services:

In my office there are number of clinicians to use EPP to treat clients with OCD and related disorders. But, my individual practice involves working with those with OCD behaviors at least 50% of the time in treatment. I also do a number of assessments to evaluate neurodevelopmental disorders that are often concomitant with OCD and related disorders (ADHD, LD, ASD, etc) for another 25 % of the time. The remaining clients are generally dealing with broader issues (toddler/parenting issues, behavioral scaffolding for those with ADHD, and EPP treatment for more general anxiety concerns.

I treat co-occurring symptoms of conditions like ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorders, and autism.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

My experience has included working in hospital settings, including inpatient and outpatient, primary care practices, as well as private practices. I work with a variety of clients who have dealt with a combination of anxiety disorders including complex features. My postdoc was in early childhood, and I specialize in working with children with a variety of overlapping needs, including OCD symptoms, tics, and other habit disorders – treating only with EPP.

Diversity Statement:

I enjoy working with families from multi cultural backgrounds, including immigrants and those children who are in foster care. I offer pro bono and reduce cost sessions to those clients. Due to personal reasons, it is very important for me to give back to the adoptive and foster care community.  At this time, most of my clients are pretty homogenous and white, but for the duration of most of my background experience I have worked with people from many different cultures.

I have taken a variety of course work first as a social worker, working with a variety of cultures and learning about institutional discrimination. Then, as a clinical psychologist I have received a number of training opportunities both in my education and in the diverse places in which I worked ( I hospital and primary care practices outside of Philadelphia. I have worked with a variety of clients, including transgender, bisexual, and homosexual clients. I have worked with many children from diverse communities, while working in the south and in the mid Atlantic region (black, Latino, etc).