Michael J. Greenberg PhD

Richmond, Virginia 23221
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I specialize in Rumination-Focused ERP for OCD. This approach to ERP focuses on treating compulsive rumination, and provides a highly systematic yet gentler approach to exposure therapy. RF-ERP can be helpful to patients who have not made significant progress in other types of treatment, including individuals with ‘Pure O’ or Sensorimotor OCD.
I also believe in the importance of treating the emotional dynamics that underlie OCD symptoms. I therefore integrate psychoanalytic treatment within and alongside ERP, to foster deeper and more lasting change than ERP alone can offer.

Training Description:

I hold a PhD in clinical psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where I trained in both Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I completed specialized training in CBT for anxiety disorders and OCD at Mount Sinai Hospital, and additional advanced training under Dr. Elna Yadin.

I have also trained in the psychodynamic treatment of personality disorders and serious mental illness, and hold two certificates from the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

I am licensed to practice in New York, California, Florida, Minnesota, and Virginia.

Diversity Statement:

I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from a wide range of cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
I am affirming of LGBTQ identities, and remain aware of how these identities, and fear of these identities, can lead to and interact with OCD and anxiety.