Lawrence Grolnick, MD


Senior Attending in Psychiatry

White Plains Hospital Center
89 Old Mamaroneck Rd.
White Plains, New York 10605

Narrative of Services:

Even before practicing ERP, I applied Progressive Muscle Relaxation and In Vitro Desensitization to panic and phobias (White Plains Hospital has a long-established Phobia Clinic). Exposure to the feared idea, object, and image has application to treating phobias as well as OCD. But I have used ERP with folks having OCD and OC Related Disorders for 20 years. Most often I combine it with the range of medications which moderate anxiety. There is benefit in medicating the depression often found, particularly in those having long-term impairment of overall functioning.

Training Description:

From my earliest years in psychiatry, I recall a particular understanding of and empathy for those plagued by obsessions and compulsions. I have kept up with recent devlopments made in OCD research via articles, books, and lectures. Since Goodman et al's seminal 11089 articles on the Y-BOCS, I have used it for screening. I studied the extensive OCD Assistance Program, a tutorial with test questions. Peer supervision of patients in treatment with interested colleagues has been helpful. This has included collaborating with professional leaders of an OCD support Group. Finally, I have learned so much from reading the newsletters and online publications of the International OCD Foundation over the years.