Rebecca Hammett, PsyD, LP

821 Raymond Avenue
Suite 270
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114

Narrative of Services:

I have a specialized practice treating anxiety and related disorders in children and adolescents. At any one time 25-30% of my caseload will be youth with OCD. I am committed to an evidence-based treatment model for providing mental health treatment to youth and as part of that effort I spend time in outreach to primary care clinics, schools, and community groups, providing information about the importance of early identification and effective treatment of anxiety, including OCD, in young people.

Training Description:

During my doctoral practicum, I led 2 groups for children and adolescents with OCD, using the treatment protocol developed by March and Mulle. My dissertation examined critical issues in the dissemination of a CBT protocol for pediatric OCD. I am on the board of OCD Twin Cities and part of a statewide consultation group for the treatment of anxiety disorders.