Jennifer Hately-Ash, MFT

1807 Jefferson
Napa, California 94559

Narrative of Services:

The majority of my practice is dedicated to OCD sufferers and marriage counseling with couples who are suffering from OCD or have a child with OCD. I have found that even the best of marriages have been tested by the OCD monster. I have started a free parent run OCD monthly support group in Napa ( and I have started a free support group for for people with OCD, run by volunteers with OCD. In therapy I encourage my clients to build a team to help them conquer their OCD, as well as, use diet, nutrition and exercise.

Training Description:

I have been treating OCD and the spectrum disorders since 2006. I attended the BTTI OCD training at the St. Louis
Behavioral Medical Institute. I attend the International OCD conference every other year, to keep up to date on new treatments. My practice is dedicated to the treatment of OCD and coexisting disorders.