Jennifer Hately-Ash, LMFT

1807 Jefferson St
Napa, CA 94559

Narrative of Services:

It is rare, in my experience of working with clients who have OCD, that the symptoms are a result of pure OCD. Therefore, it is important to disengage the co-occurring disorder/symptoms from the OCD in order to treat the OCD effectively. I educate my clients to recognize each symptom and train them to work independently to address their symptom, while focusing on attaining their goal of healing.

Training Description:

I have treated clients with OCD since 2006, since graduating from the Behavior Therapy Institute in St. Louis, MO. This was a three day class with a follow up of a case study reviewed by a professor in your specialty. Overall, this was a 2 month class including field work. My specialty was with children. I have continued to attend OCD conferences every other year since then, relating to OCD. I continue to take extra classes on mindfulness and other courses to help me continue to work with my clients with OCD. 80% of my practice is with OCD clients.

Diversity Statement:

I was born and raised in England. I have found that this is very helpful for clients coming from different cultures with different customs.

I have taken cultural education classes and work shops. Living in the wine industry, I have had many couples with different cultural backgrounds who are transplants due to the industry. Because I work in the Bay area, I have also had much experience working with people who have diverse sexual orientations.