Jennifer Hatley-Ash, LMFT

3680 Grant
Reno, Nevada 89509

Narrative of Services:

80% of my practice is dedicated to OCD treatment. I have worked with around 3000 people with OCD.
I have created and supported Peer OCD support Groups for teens, adults and parents in the Napa community.
It is rare, in my experience of working with clients who have OCD, that the symptoms are a result of pure OCD.
Therefore, it is important to disengage the co-occurring disorder/symptoms from the OCD in order to treat the OCD effectively. I educate my clients to recognize each symptom and train them to work independently to address their symptom, while focusing on attaining their goal of healing.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

I have treated clients with OCD since 2006, since graduating from the Behavior Therapy Institute
in St. Louise, MO. This was a three day class with a follow up of a case study reviewed by a professor in your specialty. Overall, this was a 2 month class including field work. My specialty was with children. I have continued to attend OCD conferences every other year since then, relating to OCD.
I continue to take extra classes on mindfulness and other courses to help me continue to work with my clients with OCD. 80% of my practice is with OCD clients.
Diversity Statement:
I was born and raised in England. I have found that this is very helpful for clients coming from different cultures with different customs.
I have taken cultural education classes and work shops. Living in the wine industry, I have had many couples with different cultural backgrounds who are transplants due to the industry. Because I work in the Bay area, I have also had much experience working with people who have diverse sexual orientations.