Sherry Henig, PhD

142 Mineola Avenue
Suite 2I
Roslyn Heights, New York 11577

Narrative of Services:

Dr. Sherry Henig is in private practice in Plainview, New York and in Roslyn Heights, New York. She treats children, adolescents and adults, and works with individuals, couples and families. Dr. Henig has numerous areas of expertise. Her orientation is eclectic, and involves a variety of treatment approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. When working with individuals with OCD, her treatment approach includes cognitive behavior therapy and exposure with response prevention (ERP). Dr. Henig specializes in treating perfectionism, scrupulosity, contamination fears and illness anxiety. You can learn more about her work on her website,

Training Description:

Sherry Henig, Ph.D. is a New York State licensed psychologist in private practice since 1982. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a postdoctoral diploma in child and adolescent psychotherapy. Dr. Henig has worked with individuals dealing with OCD for many years. She regularly enhances her skill set by consulting with distinguished professionals in the field and by attending conferences. She has also attended the Behavior Therapy Training Institute associated with the International OCD Foundation.