Raymond Jones, PhD, LMFT, CAS


Certified Addition Specialist, Adult Sex Therapist

416 W. Badillo Ave
West Covina, California 91723

Narrative of Services:

I am a professional consultant and treating clinician for the Hoarders TV Show, and local law enforcement. I am unique in that I offer home based visitations, pet therapy, hypnosis, and Saturday sessions. My practice is a combination of OCD and OC Related Disorders. The Aspen Counseling Center is an Out-patient treatment center located in Covina, Ca. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and ERP are commonly used during treatment interventions. All forms of OCD and the Spectrum Disorders are treated here at the Aspen Counseling Center.

Training Description:

Treating OCD for over 27 years has given me exceptional experience. I attended the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute for my Ph.D. As a Supervisor in Sex and Trauma Addiction I use visualization and exposure therapy to eliminate sexual obsession and religious scrupulosity. I am a Certified Addiction Specialist, a Hypnotherapist, a specialist in Criminal Justice Counseling, and others. I also treat the people who are obsessively anxious about their size, their performance, body image, their history of being hurt, and their ability to be intimate with the one they love.