Gilly Kahn Ph.D.

Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta
1360 Center Drive Suite 200
ATL, Georgia 30338
Phone: 678-825-2320
Narrative of Services:

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

anxiety comorbid with depression and/or ADHD and/or BFRBs; ASD comorbid with an anxiety disorder and/or ADHD

Training Description:

Treatment Groups:


An in-person therapy group for preteens and teens (12 to 16) who would benefit from improving social skills. The group will meet weekly to discuss and practice social skills in a fun and understanding group context. The purpose of the group is to help teens learn and practice social skills with peers who have similar struggles to varying degrees so individuals can learn from each other. School and camp are great contexts to practice social skills, but for middle school and early high school students who struggle with social skills (e.g., picking up on social cues and matching their social tones to specific environments), these contexts can be particularly challenging. Participating in a small, supportive peer group context with other teens who are likely to understand, teach, and learn from your child, will help bolster their abilities to participate in academic and extracurricular environments with other socially savvy teens.

Who: Youth ages 12 through 16

Time: Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm

Dates: 6/8/23 – 6/29/23 and 7/13/23-8/3/23