Katherine Kainz, PhD

210 9th Street SE
Olmsted Medical Center
Rochester, Minnesota 55904

Narrative of Services:

I am a licensed psychologist at Olmsted Medical Center, a multi-specialty medical clinic. Our Psychiatry/Psychology Department includes 5 psychiatrists and 8 psychologists. I treat OCD with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy and receive referrals primarily from my colleagues in Psychiatry and Primary Care, but I also accept self referral from patients inside and outside the clinic. I have a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University, and a MS in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I have been licensed in the State of Minnesota since 1989.

Training Description:

I have treated OCD patients for 25 years. I have attended numerous professional conferences, such as the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Anxiety Association of America, and the International OCD Foundation. These conferences include training with OCD experts such as Edna Foa, Maureen Whittal, and Jonathan Grayson.