Sondra Kaplan, LCSW

Social Worker
5858 Westheimer Rd., #706
Houston, Texas 77057

Narrative of Services:

Dr. Kaplan is in her third year of providing weekly group therapy for teens/college-aged persons with OCD (these group therapy sessions include 5-6 field trips per year with an average of 5 students per trip/session). She holds an average of 8-10 individual or family therapy sessions a week for OCD and OC related disorders, as well as conducts around 1-2 horading home visits a week. Dr. Kaplan also conducts around 1-2 bi-monthly consultations with patient's school/college staff. The age range of patients she currently treats is from 5-90 years old, including those with Tourette's, PANDAS, and other medical illnesses.

Training Description:

Dr. Kaplan has spent 11 years on the Clinical Faculty at UT-Houston Medical School, Outpatient Psychiatry Service, including Clinical trials for anxiety medications/treatments of OCD. Since 2006, she has helped with a Houston OCD Support Group and has participated in Menninger Hospital OCD professional teleconferences from 2008-2009. She has attended two IOCDF conferences, including the Advanced Behavior Therapy Training Institutes (ABTTI) which focused on hoarding, child/teen treatment, and ERP. She has spent 12+ years as part of a group of Houston private practitioners, TERRAP, using CBT, including in-vivo desensitization with the therapist in the field and home visits. This group meets regularly for case conferences and study and strives to learn advances in the field. Dr. Kaplan has also attended many CEU seminars in treating anxiety disorders, including OCD.