Jim Leffert, EdD

5 Edgell Rd.
Suite 27
Framingham, Massachusetts 02138

Narrative of Services:

With supervision, I have treated more than a dozen children and adults with OCD and/or tic disorders. OCD and related disorders. OCD and related disorders are about 10% of my practice. NOTE: I HAVE A SECOND PRACTICE LOCATION: 49 Hancock Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 Telephone: (617) 492-8393

Training Description:

I have been treating children, adolescents, and adults with OCD since 2008. I have attended training workshops with Lee Baer and Gail Steketee (on hoarding). I have regular CBT and ER/P supervision with a psychologist who is highly experienced with these modalities and who was formerly affiliated with the Cambridge Health Alliance and Children's Hospital.