Kimberly H Leight, MS, Psy NP

Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

7500 E. McDonald Dr.
Suite 400A
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250
Phone: 602-549-3172

Narrative of Services:

I enjoy helping my patients by joining with them to achieve improved health and symptom management. I spend time discussing and educating patients with a multimodal approach. I encourage a healthy lifestyle which emphasizes the importance of good sleep hygiene, exercise and nutrition. I prescribe and manage medication and work closely with psychologists and counselors who specialize in appropriate therapies.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes

Training Description:

I have been a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for twenty years. During this time I have treated individuals of all ages for psychiatric disorders including anxiety, OCD and related disorders.