Victoria N. Lockridge LPC

4658 Palm View Circle
North Charleston, South Carolina 29418
ADA Accessible
Phone: 8437090851
Narrative of Services:

Approximately 80% of my current caseload are clients who are struggling with OCD and/or OC related disorders. On average, I see about 25-30 clients per week. I also worked for several months with NOCD where I was saying approximately 15 clients per week. I also have experience treating BFRBs utilizing ERP and habit reversal training.

Training Description:

I have completed the full onboarding training on OCD and utilizing ERP through NOCD. I currently am completing an online training course on utilizing ACT for treating OCD. I have 3 years of experience towards researching, treating, and gearing my practice towards treating OCD. I have also been diagnosed with OCD myself and have gained extensive knowledge and insight into OCD through my own experience and treatment. I have read many books, scholarly articles, and workbooks on the subject of OCD.

Diversity Statement:

I completed a cultural competency course in graduate school. I also attended an NCBI workshop on cultural diversity while attending graduate school.