Gail Martz PsyD

1776 S. Jackson St.
Ste. 211-2
Denver, Colorado 80210
ADA Accessible
Phone: 303-918-5019
Narrative of Services:

I have specialized in the treatment of OCD and Obsessive-Compulsive spectrum disorders (including hair pulling and skin picking) for over 25 years. 95% of the individuals I treat have OCD/OCD Spectrum disorders. I have provided therapy for over 100 patients.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Depression frequently co-occurs with OCD. We’ll use Cognitive-Behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches to reduce this.

Training Description:

I collaborate with my patients to gain freedom from their intrusive thoughts, obsessions, fears and the associated avoidance and compulsive behaviors. We can work together on “pure O” too where it seems like there are no outward, repetitive compulsions. I’ve seen hundreds of patients with a huge variety of obsessions and compulsions. At least 90% of my patients at any one time are working with me on their obsessions and compulsions using Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and especially Exposure with Response Prevention.