Ellis McCauley, LMFT

Richmond, California 94801
Phone: 831-824-4540

Narrative of Services:

I offer Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) in collaboration with a psychiatrist. This treatment is becoming more well known and is helping many people. I am finding that this approach offers unique tools in alleviating the suffering of OCD and helping clients to live their lives more fully. In many cases results come faster than traditional talk therapy. See my website for more information about my training and approach using this method.

At any given time about half of my (relatively large) client load is people with OCD/spectrum disorders. It is a priority, passion and honor for me to offer my services to this community that is gravely under-served.

I am currently seeing clients in my outdoor tent-office in Richmond, CA and also virtually throughout CA.

Training Description:

My primary approach with OCD and BFRB’s is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in conjunction with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). My approach is client-centered, collaborative, strengths-based, and I can be directive and challenging when needed. I work experientially and somatically (body-centered), with a present moment mindfulness orientation that supports increased tolerance of distressing urges. I am a graduate of the BTTI, gold standard for OCD therapy.

Diversity Statement:

I have quite a bit of training in multicultural/diversity competency and always try to be sensitive and open to the experiences of people of cultures different from my own. I am aware of what it can be like to be treated as “other” and/or to have a different contextual position and belief system than the dominant culture. I always strive to be understanding and to expand my knowledge when needed. I identify as part of LGBTQI community.

Treatment Group:

I have an ongoing group that is for people who already have individual support, that meets every other week for 2 hours. It is for young adults (loosely 20’s and 30’s) and meets on Wednesday afternoons. Cost is $95